Repeating Islands

The documentary screens at Toronto International Film Festival and Karen Bliss has reviewed it for Rolling Stone. Here is her review. Follow the link below for more.

The marijuana smoke-filled opening of Reincarnated, the documentary chronicling the personal and spiritual evolution of rapper and one-time gangbanger Snoop Dogg to reggae artist and Rasta Snoop Lion quickly cuts to shots of a bonfire and singing.

The context isn’t revealed until near the end of the film, which screened Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

As Snoop’s journey to find out the source, struggle and meaning behind the peaceable Rastafari ideological movement unfolds, the fire scene reappears as part of a holy groundation ceremony at the Nyabinghi Centre in Jamaica.  It’s a significant moment: Snoop, who is given the name “Berhane” (which means light) during the baptism, has been embraced by true Rastas. “I feel love right now,” says Snoop…

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