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Repeating Islands

The Dominican minister of education is sending a committee into the small Caribbean island’s schools to instruct teachers on how to “better manage” homosexuality and “anti-social behavior,” as Daniela Costa reports in this article for Canada’s xtra.ca.

“We must save the young people of Dominica,” says Petter Saint-Jean, education minister.
Saint-Jean says that to tackle these large-scale “problems,” a committee of three or four individuals is needed. “I have instructed that additional people be brought in so that we have a team that can really go out there and face that problem head on.”

The Dominican government announced plans several months ago to create a task force that would crack down on homosexuality and “other deviant behaviour” in the country’s schools.

The government also asked that the task force investigate and identify “the root causes of deviance and the increasing incidents of homosexuality” amongst the student population.

Following the results of the…

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