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Repeating Islands

It’s the weekend and travel articles abound. The most interesting of this weekend’s crop is this one by William Lloyd-George for London’s Guardian. A thriving trading post a century ago, sleepy Mompós, Colombia, is only now starting to be explored by tourists.

The boat zooms down the Magdalena river, water flicking up as we whiz round marshy bends, and I feel like I am travelling through a forgotten land. We pass tiny villages, where children play and women wash clothes on the shore. Fishermen in dugout canoes drift past; birds swoop down to the river surface.

My destination is Mompós, Colombia, which a growing number of visitors are “discovering”, and falling in love with. It takes a bumpy six hours in a van, from the historic city of Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, followed by a two-hour boat ride, to enter this colonial time warp, but the trip…

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