Repeating Islands

“Doing theater these days, and in this world, might seem utopian,” said Leobaldo, of the group Teatro Viajero (Traveling Theater). “Teatro Viajero is based on one essential perspective: approaching theater as a journey,” notes Carmela in their interview with Havana Times conducted by Helson Hernández.

HT:  Why “Teatro Viajero” (Traveling Theater)?
Carmela:  First of all, it was a point of agreement between the members, a meeting of similarities, our common taste and desire “to travel.” The name implies movement, with motion as an aim. In turn, the characteristics that define travel have stories and particularities belonging to each traveler.

In my case it involved the story of me as a little girl riding on a train with all my dolls, as if they were my children, it seemed like an eternity that was somewhat sad and lonely, but I really enjoyed the travel and the landscapes along the way.

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