Taxation without Legislation

Repeating Islands

While the decision of Panther Corporation, the Canadian recycling firm, to set up shop in Jamaica is being welcomed there are renewed fears that the country could drown in plastic bottles, the Stabroek News reports.

Environmental lobbyists are warning that the country’s failure to establish legislation to encourage the purchasing of used plastic bottles, as well as the use of the environmental levy for other than its intended purpose is pushing some local firms out of the recycling business.

“Jamaica could have a recycling industry yes, but certain things that are to be in place are not. So, yes, it’s not viable, because what is happening now is not long-term in my opinion,” said Diana McCaulay of the Jamaica Environment Trust.

“Paying for the plastic so people have an incentive to bring in the plastic is potentially a viable thing. But my understanding that the margins on the plastic bottles…

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