Repeating Islands

Antiguan Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer said racism remains alive today and the Caribbean must continue to fight the scourge in order to build a just and equitable society—the Observer reports.

Spencer argued that “silent racism” continues to blight Caribbean society, pointing to “vile online commentators” as evidence.

“Some say that racism and discrimination are relics of the past. They claim that, because legal discrimination is a thing of the past, that somehow silent discrimination has also gone away. I do not share that conclusion,” said Spencer.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the Bermuda Industrial Union (BIU) Labour Day Banquet after reading “vile rhetoric” in comments on the Bernews website.

The following remark was singled out by Spencer. It read, “For those who blame white people for the situation they are in, don’t. You should blame your ancestors, they were offered a chance to go back to Liberia and they…

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