Repeating Islands

Five-part book series gives famed ‘goat sucker’ more dimensions, as Sarah Peters reports in this article for The Daily Pilot. Follow the link below for the original report.

The chupacabra is just a legendary monster, but what if it weren’t?

That’s what author Michael Hebler, owner of Newport Beach-based Night After Night Publications, asks readers in his new 300-page novel, “Night of the Chupacabra,” the first in a five-part series.

“It’s such fascinating folklore, and it’s only growing by leaps every day,” Hebler said of the creature, whose name translates to “goat sucker” and was originally reported in the 1990s in Puerto Rico.

The fictional Western-thriller, set in a post-Civil War backdrop, follows a father hunting the legendary beast to right the wrongs committed against his family, Hebler said.

“This story is very relationship-heavy,” he said. “The primary love story is that of family and the relationships created between…

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