Repeating Islands

The ultimate cross-country challenge takes Lance Richardson on a two-wheel adventure from the Pacific to the Caribbean, described in this article for Follow the link below for the original report and additional content.

There’s a fallen tree on the sand, smooth and white, like a dinosaur femur that’s washed up from the Pacific Ocean. At the beach’s edge the jungle is a tangle of vines and cecropia trees, sprouting at a furious rate. Somewhere above the canopy, hidden in a shroud of clouds, there are volcanoes and mountains, toucans and tarantulas. If a teenage boy fond of Indiana Jones could create the country of his fantasies, it would look something like Costa Rica. This is a place where a herpetology professor at the state university once described the difference between caimans and crocodiles to his students like this: “If it is a caiman it will run from you and…

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