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Repeating Islands

An archaeologist’s plans to locate the graves of Indian indentured workers killed 110 years ago in Suriname has revived interest in a long buried episode in the history of the Indian community in the South American nation, Shubha Singh reports in this article for

The 1902 workers’ uprising or the Marienburg massacre was one of the significant events in the Indians’ struggle for their rights in Suriname. Dutch colonial forces had fired at striking agricultural workers at the Marienburg sugar factory killing 24 workers, whose bodies were later dumped in a mass grave.

Indian indentured workers were taken to Suriname, then a Dutch colony, after the abolition of slavery in Dutch territories. Between 1873 and 1916, about 35,000 Indians were recruited to work on the sugarcane plantations in Suriname.

Archaeologist Benjamin Mitrasingh plans to excavate in the grounds of the Marienburg estate using modern technology to locate the mass…

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